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Help fund my book on Kickstarter

Hello friends!

I'm so excited to be nearing completion of my upcoming book, "Soulforce Arts: The Vital Role of Musicians & Other Artists In A World That's Lost Its Mind." It's about what we as musicians and other kinds of artists can do to make a vital contribution to reversing climate change.

Writing this book has been a transformative journey, and while I'm nearly done the writing phase, in order to have a successful book launch, I need your help via my upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

I'm self-publishing, so I have to pay for all the editing, marketing, design, and promotion myself. And while self-publishing costs a lot less than it used to, I still need several thousand dollars in order to have a really polished product that makes a real impact on the arts world and our climate.

Please sign up on my "pre-launch" Kickstarter page below so you can follow the progress of my campaign. (If you sign up now, there's no obligation to contribute later.)


Joseph Arnold

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