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Stop Just Getting Through Your Musical Life and Start Playing Like You Mean It!

Sometimes playing, teaching, and practicing music feels like a slog.

  • Maybe you think, "Man - when will this gig be over?"

  • Or you just practice your pieces mindlessly so you can get on to the other million things you have to do.

  • Or maybe you look at your music career and it feels like just a job.

But is this *really* why you became a musician? Don't you remember a time when you played music just because it made you happy?

What if you could recapture that feeling so that your musical life became more joyful and meaningful, and also improved your chops and financial prospects?

In this video, Joseph Arnold and Aaron Bigeleisen talk about the single most important idea in making your musical life both meaningful and successful - "personal sovereignty." What the heck is that? Watch this video to find out!

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“5 Simple & Surprisingly Effective Techniques for Relieving Pain & Releasing Tension While Practicing Even the Most Challenging Music”

Got tension or pain? Sign up for our course, "The Magic Pause: The 5-second technique that is the single most powerful, easy-to-implement, and sure-fire method for instant relief from the tightness and tension that causes musician’s injuries." Sign up before 5/31/21 and get exclusive access to a live masterclass with Joseph & Aaron!

Joseph Arnold, Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

Aaron Bigeleisen, Vocalist, Alexander Technique Teacher Trainee, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

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