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The Connection Between the Arts & Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

Watch this video here: At first glance, it's not at all clear what musicians, artists, painters, and poets can do about climate change and biodiversity loss. But when you understand the deeper commonalities to these challenges as well as many social ills, then a path towards a meaningful contribution becomes possible. This common thread is disconnection of all kinds: from the environment, from each other, and from our bodies. The antidote is to reconnect with these things so that we begin to care, and from there, act. Because the arts world is a microcosm of the world at large, when we find connection in areas of challenge (whether in injuries, performance anxiety, or creative blocks), then we are doing our part heal the disconnection in the world at large. This will also give us access to a powerful transformative energy -- Soulforce -- that can then be expressed in our art.

Watch this video for more. Be among the first to know about my upcoming book "Soulforce Arts: The Vital Role of Musicians & Other Artists in a World That's Lost Its Mind" at and soon at Joseph Arnold Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute Photo by Michael Pointner on Unsplash

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