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The most powerful spiritual practice I've ever encountered - 32/100 Days of Soulforce

The most powerful spiritual practice I've ever encountered is what I call, "Asking the Mystery for Help." It's based on the ancient principles of gift, offering, and sacrifice (although you don't need any religious beliefs for this to work). It can be used to get guidance on all kinds of problems, from relieving repetitive strain injuries, to getting better gigs, to solving relationship difficulties.

I've been using it for a while now and have found that it regularly brings astounding healing and insights - much more than I would have expected. The thing I love most about it, though, is that it gives me a sense that I'm connected to a living universe, and no longer isolated and alone in my search for meaning and joy in life. Try it for yourself and see what happens!

This practice, and many others like it, will be included in my upcoming book, so stay tuned for more like this!

Day 32 of 100 Days of Soulforce:

- How "Asking the Mystery for Help" can give powerful insights and healing for many everyday challenges and big life questions

- The instructions:

1) Identify the problem

2) Get in touch with the Mystery.

3) Ask your question

4) Wait for an answer

5) Ask for an action step

6) Make the offering and stay open to receive any return gifts

- Examples in how to apply this to challenges in your own life

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What's "100 Days of Soulforce"?

I'm embarking on a mission to spread the word about Soulforce Performing Arts because I believe it is a needed message for artists of all kinds in our times. To that end, I'm making 100 videos over the coming 100 days (or so) to explain all the different angles and ideas, and to hopefully spark inspiration in you! Each video will have inspirational and practical ideas for you to bring more Soulforce to your life as a performing artist.

These ideas are a part of my upcoming book: "Soulforce Performance Arts: The Vital Role for Artists and Musicians in a World That's Lost Its Mind." Subscribers to my newsletter will get early access and special perks. :)

Joseph Arnold

Violinist, Alexander Technique teacher, Founder of the Soulforce Arts Academy -- Sign up for my bodacious mailing list and blog!

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