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What Birds Can Teach Artists About How to Create Societal Change

While the arts are certainly valued highly by many our society, they are never at the top of the list when considering how to solve "hard" issues like poverty and climate change. However, I believe we have a vital role to play in creating the change the world needs right now.

We can learn about this role from the communication patterns of birds, whose songs alert each other about predators, mating patterns, and potential sources of food. Each of these songs is like a "system update" for the community as a whole that helps the community adapt to a changing environment.

Art plays the same role. In order to help humanity adapt to our changing world, we need artists to spread their own system updates (songs, performances, paintings, books, films, etc) with the energy of Soulforce. Soulforce is the felt experience of aliveness and connection that happens when you act from your deepest truths and desires, even in the face of opposition or difficulty. It is what you access when you live from a felt understanding of interbeing, which results in a less conflicted, more purposeful way of life.

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Joseph Arnold

Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute

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