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What's the role of music in a world that's falling apart?

My fellow musicians,

What's the role of music in a world that's falling apart?

Even after the gig hiatus of the next several months, do you really want to go back to playing soul-draining gigs for people who aren't interested in who you are or what you're playing, all for so little pay?

Is that *really* why you love playing music? Is that *really* why you've spent your whole life honing your craft? Is that *really* what you want to go back to?

Why do we even play music at all, for that matter? Is it just a means to make a living that's at least not some mind-numbing 9-5? Or is there more?

I believe there's SO much more that musicians can offer this increasingly chaotic world - there is an incredible and enlivening service we can provide to our communities, one that will give we musicians a compelling sense of purpose, and our communities some much-needed soul-level nourishment.

To my mind, the purpose of playing music is changing. The status quo of music as mere entertainment is soul-draining for everyone involved, and although I don't know exactly what will help the world recover from all this chaos and suffering, I know for certain that it WON'T be anything soul-draining.

Soul-draining performances only spread more soul-drain around! I believe that - deep down - nobody really wants that. We need a new way.

As contemporary philosopher Jamie Wheal said about humanity's prospects of surviving the next 100 years in a recent podcast interview, "It's either Soul Force, or bust."

What's "Soul Force"? Mahatma Gandhi had Soul Force. Martin Luther King had Soul Force. Maria Callas had Soul Force. Aretha Franklin had Soul Force. John Coltrane had Soul Force.

Soul Force is what makes your spine tingle and your heart glow when you hear someone speak or make art. Soul Force captures your attention and moves you deeply. Soul Force feels like *truth* - even in a wordless melody.

I believe that what the world needs now is SOUL FORCE, and that if we, as musicians, can channel Soul Force, then both musicians and our audiences will feel fulfilled, enlivened, and at peace in a way that we all desperately need.

Over the past decade of teaching Alexander Technique to musicians, I've discovered a way of teaching musicians of all ages and abilities how to tap into Soul Force. It's surprisingly simple and direct, and yet, once you get it, it makes playing music SO much more satisfying, SO much more free, and you will electrify your audiences.

Here's my ask - I'm looking to further develop the way that I teach Soul Force. Eventually, I hope to have a whole school of music dedicated to this. Right now, however, I'm looking for some "guinea pig" students who are interested in this and who want a more fulfilling approach to playing music.

If what I wrote here speaks to you, and if you're really committed to finding out what lies beyond the status quo of music as merely academic study, or merely entertainment - out beyond playing soul-draining gigs for people who don't really care who you are and what you're playing - then please reach out to me.

Over the Fall and Winter, I'd be willing to teach either 1-on-1 or small group classes for a minimal fee. After that, I'll be starting the Soul Force Music School, and my fees will go up.

Please do reach out with any serious inquiries. This is big stuff it and deserves respect. It'll also be super fun, fascinating, and may touch your soul in ways you haven't felt in a long time.

Soul Force awaits! Don't miss the train. :)


Joseph Arnold

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