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Why Singers Don't Actually Need Vocal Rest...

It's the end of your semester and you've been losing your voice more and more frequently.

You're trying to take it easy in rehearsals, and even though you've been massaging your jaw you still have no voice left by the end of the day.

Your teacher tells you to go on vocal rest, and you do! For two weeks you watch Netflix and do your best not to speak or hum along with any music.

And then the big day comes, and you get back in the saddle. Everything seems fine for a few days, but then the tension and fatigue come right back.

What do you do?

In this video, Joseph Arnold and Aaron Bigeleisen talk about why vocal rest doesn't get to the root cause of vocal tension and fatigue, and what to do instead so that you can talk as loud as you want at the after party of your next big concert.

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Joseph Arnold, Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

Aaron Bigeleisen, Vocalist, Alexander Technique Teacher Trainee, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

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