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Learn the most effective pain-relief techniques, how to regularly experience peak performance in the practice room and on stage, and how lead an inspired, meaningful (and profitable!) life as a musician.

Soulforce Music School Offerings

  • Do you spend more time stretching, taking breaks, and managing your pain than actually playing music?

     Then download our free mini-course! And in less than 20 minutes you'll have the tools you need to focus on playing the music you love, rather than managing the pain!

  • Soulforce Music YouTube Channel

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get talks on how to relieve tension & pain, how to give effortless & inspired performances, our musician-centered guided meditations, and more!

  • Coming Soon: "The Magic Pause"

    Are you tired of getting tense or being in pain when you practice music?
    Learn how to become pain-free and reduce stress in this course, so you can feel better and practice and perform with confidence!

    “The Magic Pause”

    The 5-second technique that is the single most powerful, easy-to-implement, and sure-fire method for instant relief from the tightness and tension that causes musician’s injuries

    This course will be available in May 2021. Email us to sign up for our waiting list!

About Joseph & Aaron

If you’re a musician, you’re dedicated to your craft, and you’re committed to finding long-lasting relief from your tension and pain, then you’ve come to the right place!

We know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. We are both professional musicians who have struggled with - and then relieved, once and for all - repetitive strain injuries that seriously interfered with our music-making.

One of the main reasons we started the Soulforce Music School is to teach musicians like you what we’ve learned about relieving these injuries so you can stop worrying about your pain and get back to the joy of making music!

Joseph Arnold, Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, & Co-Founder of Soulforce Music School, and

Aaron Bigeleisen, Vocalist, Alexander Technique Teacher Trainee, & Co-Founder of Soulforce Music School

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Want to learn more?

Then please do reach out! Email us with any questions you may have about relieving tension & pain, Soulforce Music, or anything else!


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